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General Dentistry Services:

General Dentistry:

With the use of state-of-the-art technology such as digital x-rays, the intra-oral camera, and laser cavity detection, Dr. Larson and his team are dedicated to provide you and your family with comprehensive care utilizing the latest advances in contemporary dentistry.  Sealants can be placed to prevent cavities.  Tooth colored fillings are used to repair teeth already damaged by decay.  Porcelain caps or bridges may be the choice to restore extensively damaged or missing teeth.  The options are many, just choose what is best for you.


The use of dental implants to replace missing teeth eliminates the need to "grind down" healthy teeth to support bridges.  Loose dentures can be made more secure or often eliminated by the use of dental implants.

Dr. Larson and his surgical team have placed and restored thousands of dental implants.  Dr. Larson has been trained to restore all of the different types of dental implants.

Whether your dental implant need is simple or complex, Dr. Larson has the experience to help you achieve the best that dental implants can offer you in the way of health, comfort and a beautiful smile.

Periodontal Services:

Your teeth were intended to last a lifetime.  With proper care they can.  Infection of the gums can lead to the loss of your teeth and can be a serious threat to your overall health.

From routine cleanings to advanced treatments of scaling and root planning with the use of antibacterial agents we can help keep your teeth feeling healthy and looking their best.

Endodontic (Root Canal):

The fear of a root canal is a thing of the past.  With the use of modern dental techniques, most of our patients doze off during the root canal procedure.  This is still one of the most proven procedures to save teeth.  Even with the success of dental implants, endodontic therapy is still a healthier and less costly means of saving a tooth.


Do you have a fear or phobia about dentistry?  Have you had a bad dental experience in the past?  Whether it be his gentle touch (patients say they do not feel his injections), or his calming and compassionate demeanor, Dr. Larson can help. 

For those that need a little more, we offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation (a pill) or total sedation with a board certified anesthesiologist.