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I fell over my handlebars and broke my four front teeth. It  was a weekend when I called Dr. Larson and he met me immediately. He checked my  teeth and saw that he could fix them—and then he even checked the bruises on my  arms to make sure I didn't have any serious injuries. Then he fixed all of my  teeth. They were better than new. Dr. Larson is the most caring doctor and the  best dentist. He didn't hesitate to meet me when I had an emergency and I will  always be grateful.  
Grace S.

Most of high school I spent trying not to smile too big  because my front teeth were blue, really blue. I had bumped my tooth when I was  younger and a dentist fixed it, but it use was always a little bruised, and I  was always embarrassed. Needless to say, my time in high school was hard  because I was afraid to smile at the girls I wanted to ask out. Dr. Larson made  a new cap for me, in fact, he capped my two front teeth. I am a happy college  student now. It wouldn't be exaggerating to say that Dr. Larson changed my  life.
Eric R.

I have been a patient of Dr. Larson's for more than twenty  years. He is always careful and caring. His work is always impeccable. His  staff is always caring and professional. Dr. Larson placed porcelain veneers on  my teeth for my job in broadcasting. They still look perfect 15 years  later.  
Carol H.

I have lived up and down the East Coast, Midwest, Northwest  and finally San Diego. Dr. Larson is the best dentist I have ever had. He  restored my teeth perfectly after a lifetime of poor dentistry done elsewhere. Gentle  best injections ever, caring staff, beautiful comfortable office. I will never  go anywhere else.

I have seen numerous dentists in many cities as I traveled  with different professional sports teams. Dr. Lason's work is painless. That is  why I always come back to San Diego to see Dr. Larson.  Yoruit T.

My favorite thing about Dr. Larson's office is that I have  NEVER had to sit in his waiting in his waiting for my appointment. NEVER. How  many doctors can you say that about?
Ann C.

Sometimes I feel bad calling Dr. Larson for an emergency on  a weekend. He doesn't use an answering service. You call Dr. Larson no matter  what day or what time it is, and he always calls back.
Shannon B.